If you are a mailer or presort company being pursued by the Postal Service for past due postage (called a "revenue deficiency") or for allegedly making a false claim against the Postal Service, you will want an attorney who has actually pursued such claims for the Postal Service and understands the processes to represent you. As a postal attorney, Mr. Smith was on the Southeast\Southwest Areas' Revenue Protection Committee handling claims against major mailers, postal contractors, and employees.

If you are a postal employee and facing a claim from the Postal Service for an overpayment or shortage, your rights are found in the ELM 450 or ELM 460. Retired or separated employees, however, have appeal rights to the Postal Service Judicial Officer under the Debt Collections Act. Too often, employees are not advised of these appeal rights. Mr. Smith can assist you in making sure you receive all the protections you are afforded under the law.